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Search Engine Optimization is a must for your website. You probably know this already, but do you know exactly why? Here are the top 5 reasons every website can benefit from SEO.

1. Increase Your Website Traffic

Over 70% of your customers visit your website before buying. Mostly everyone is searching for your business online.When you update your site with SEO, it will show up more frequently and higher up in search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing). Because your site will show up more, there is a better chance of your site getting seen and clicked on.

2. Save Tons of Money

When your website shows up higher in the organic search results, the traffic you are getting is free traffic. You do not need to pay for any of the traffic that comes to your site, because your site is ranking organically. Furthermore, people trust (and click more often) the links in the organic results more than PPC ads. Since people trust websites that appear naturally, they are more likely to buy on your website.

3. Improve Your Brand Reputation

Before people buy online, they like to do research on your product and your company beforehand. Searchers are more likely to buy if they read positive reviews online. When you do SEO, more pages on your site can rank higher in search results. Since more pages are showing up and ranking higher, you fill up more of the 1st page of Google with your own content. You can control what people read about you (instead of what other people write about you). More positive comments about your brand showing higher in the search engines will improve your brand reputation.

4. Get More Customers

When your website is showing up more frequently in search results, the more often your brand name will be seen by other people. Since more of your pages are showing up, more people will read your pages and learn more about your brand. When someone is in the shopping phase, your brand will be top-of-mind and they will more likely go to your site and buy from you. Your brand awareness will increase and that will lead to more traffic to your site and increased sales.

5. Improve Your Website Experience

Search Engine Optimization focuses on content and the technical parts of your site. These two elements are important to the overall user experience. When people are doing a search, they want to read a page that focuses on a keyword topic. With SEO, your pages will focus on keywords that people are looking for. From a technical side, your site will be navigable and usable without any errors. The links will be working and the pages will be easily found and understood by your visitors.

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