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Social Media Marketing

Lead Tagger is a social media marketing agency that uses a data-driven approach to make your profiles personal and authentic by engaging, shaing content, and building trust.
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How Your Business Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing

The number of people using social media every day has been growing every year and is expected to continue growing. Is your social media up to par with your competitors? Social Media marketing is a great strategy you should do to engage and be in front of your customers at the right place and right time. Here are some benefits you can achieve with Lead Tagger.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog Content and Website

A great reason why you should use social media marketing is so that you can amplify your content. After you write a blog post, you can post about it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. This will increase it’s reach. It will also allow people to click onto your blog or website to read your content. What’s great is that driving traffic from your social media profiles is free! You cannot beat that.

Get Information About Your Customers

When people follow and like your posts, you know who they are. You have the ability to look at their profiles and see what they like. Social media sites also give you a wide range of user data, such as age, location, likes, and other demographics, that can help you tailor your marketing communications.

Engage With Your Audience

People talk about brands on social media frequently. This is your chance to communicate with your followers. Since you know a little about them, you can give them what they want with your posts and content you publish on your profiles. Get your customer service up-to-par with your competitors by answering their questions and concerns. Reaching out goes a long way.

Update Your Followers About Promotions

When you have special promotions or sales, you want to make sure your followers know about them. Organically posting them and also launching ads will help you get your word out there. When you publish posts for your followers, your brand will be top-of-mind when they are in the shopping phase.

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How Our Social Media Team Can Help You


social media Account Set Up

Account Set Up

We’ll create and set up your social media profiles. Each profile will have up-to-date information about your company so that you profile can be easily found by other people. This is a must for all companies.

social media brand monitoring

Brand Monitoring

We utilize tools to monitor how often your brand name gets mentioned online. Monitoring will allow you to know who is talking about you so that you can engage with them.

social media Post Creation and Publishing

Post Creation and Publishing

We will analyze your industry and customers to help create engaging posts. The posts will be laid out in a content calendar so that we can see what dates each post will be published.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid Social campaigns can be built out so that you can target your audience to help drive visits and conversions. Be where your customers are. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are where they hang out. So you need to be there, too.

social media Competitive Research

Competitive Research

We will do extensive competitive research on your top competitors in the industry. Our insights will help you understand how you can build a more robust social media strategy.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting

If you are stuck on how to scale your social media campaigns, we will be able to push you forward and help you uncover areas for improvement. You’ll get a new set of eyes to review metrics and performance.

Our Social Media Marketing Process


Step 1: Social Media Account Audit

We will review your profiles to determine what needs to be fixed so that they are complete.

Step 2: Compose Posts and Create a Content Calendar

Write great posts that follow best practices and upload them into a content calendar for approval.

Step 3: Publish Posts

Publish posts that are scheduled to go live and ensure they are properly displaying on public profile views.

Step 4: Review Social Media Performance

Review metrics to see how well our social content is performing and driving traffic.

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