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Lead Tagger is content marketing agency that will help you reach your audience online and engage with them to nurture relationships, drive brand awareness, website traffic, and sales.
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How Your Business Can Benefit From Content Marketing

People don’t trust brands they have never heard of. That is why it is a must to leverage content to shape your business as a leading contender in your industry that everyone can trust and ultimately buy from. Here are the top reasons how content marketing can benefit your business.

Get More People To Your Site

When you leverage content marketing, you will have more pages of content that will show up in search engines, blogs, and social media sites. This will increase the number of ways people can visit your site. Your traffic is grow substantially if your content gets noticed by other people and is shared.

Increase Sales and Leads

People love to learn new things — especially if it is for free. Giving away free content through your blog (via a newsletter, PDF, checklist, Powerpoint, Documents, etc) will make people give you their emails and will allow you to turn them into buyers. If you give things away for free, people are more willing to give back and ultimately make a purchase on your site.

Get More Inbound Links from Other Sites

Promoting your content through blogger outreach and social media will increase the total amount of backlinks from other websites. Having more links to your site helps you rank higher in search engines and gets you more referral traffic. The biggest sites have the most links and your site should, too!

Become Popular In Your Industry

To build your brand as a leader is the industry, you must show people what you know. Content is the perfect medium to express your knowledge and give others helpful information that they can take with them to improve their lives. The trust that comes from this will present you as a thought leader and make you a go-to resource for people online.

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How Our Content Marketing Team Can Help You

Content Strategy and copywriting

Content Strategy

We will work with you to develop a solid content strategy built around your business objectives. We’ll look at topics and your products/services to best tailor our content around them.

Blogger Outreach and Link Building

Blogger Outreach & Link Building

Reaching out to bloggers is essential to getting your content noticed by others. This is the white-hat form a link building. Getting backlinks to your site will help your pages rank higher in search engines.

Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Every content strategy must target users who are in all phases of the buyer’s journey. We will help you build buy personas so we can best tailor our content to every single user who is doing research online.

Keyword Research & Gap Analysis

Keyword Research & Gap Analysis

Finding keywords is the foundation of a content strategy. Our team will complete keyword research and map them with your current content. We will analyze areas where there are gaps in content and plan a strategy to create new content.

Blog Content Ideation

New Content Ideas

If you’re stuck on what content to write about, we will help you undercover new ideas. With keyword research, we can see what will be the most popular content your readers will want to engage with.

Social Media Amplification

Social Media Amplification

Social media is a great way to boost the visibility of your content. We will craft a process where each blog post will get linked to in a social media post so that your followers can read your new articles.

Our Content Marketing Process

Step 1: Content Audit

We will uncover content gaps with your website blog and pages.

Step 2: Create Buyer Personas

Create buyer personas of your target audience to better understand needs and desires.

Step 3: Create Content

Create content that targets the popular keywords and buyer personas.

Step 4: Review Content Performance

Review metrics to see how well our content is performing and driving traffic.

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