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If you are a small, local business such as a dentist, you probably have been wondering how you can run Facebook ads to bring in more patients.

But…do Facebook campaigns really work?

The answer to that is a big MAYBE!

Because it really depends on how well you set up your campaign.

I’m going to be showing you exactly how I set up my campaigns for my local dentists and give you some tips on what you should be looking out for. And at the end of this article,  I’m going to be showing you some performance data on how well my campaigns really work so you can benchmark them with yours.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!


Are You A Small Business (ie: Dentist)? Here’s how to advertise your business on facebook


Facebook advertising for small business is getting more popular. When you think about Facebook advertising, what do you really think about or what do you see in your mind?



You probably are thinking about a Facebook ad or a post, right? Similar to what you post on your Facebook profile.

Now that’s true, but there is a whole system behind that that is part of the whole Facebook advertising process. We call that the sales funnel, so yes, it does start with the Facebook ad, so this ad includes the text and the image or the video that’s connected to it.

Now, when someone clicks on the ad, it is connected to a landing page.


 Now a landing page is essentially a one page website that explains who you are, what you do, and what you’re offering. So this is where you explain services such as implants, veneers, Invisalign, or any service that, that you’re trying to advertise for.

Now, the landing page is connected to a form.



Now this form is probably the most important part of the entire sales funnel because it acts as a capture of people’s information that you are looking for in order for you to contact them and bring them in for a consultation.

So when you build out a form, you want to make sure you have their:

1. Name
2. Email
3. Phone

And any information that you need to qualify them and schedule an appointment for whatever procedure you’re advertising for.

Next, you want to connect an email platform with your form. Now this is a very important for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that you want people to be informed that their information was sent through properly, so you want a confirmation email and you also want to leverage email to inform you and your front office that you have received a new form, a new lead, so when connecting an email tool, I personally use Active Campaign. I think Active Campaign is probably the most robust, the most intuitive platform that works really well for these Facebook advertising funnels.

Now the next one is closing, so you want to get their information, have your front office, call them and schedule an appointment, and when they’re in your office you want to close them and offer them whatever treatments are best for their situation.

Now this is a lot of stuff here, but I’m going to be taking you step by step and sow you the ways to advertise your business on facebook!

So I’m going to first start on the Facebook ad. So we’ve ran hundreds of Facebook ads for different dentists across the country. Now these are just some of what we’ve ran. (See GIF above).

The most successful Facebook ads are these four right here. You want to make sure your Facebook ad calls out your city. So whether you are in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, you want to catch people’s attention by calling out the city that they live in. You also want to call out a problem. So is it dental implants? Is it them wanting a more convenient, clean and comfortable way straight teeth? So, Invisalign for example, and you want to provide a solution to that. So are they always embarrassed about smiling or do they want a better solution to braces?

Facebook advertising tips for small businesses:

You know, the solution would be dental implants or Invisalign. You also want to add emotional triggers as well. So you don’t want to bore people, you don’t want people to read your ad and continue to scroll. You want them to look to stop and to click on your ad. That’s the ultimate goal. So you want to add emotional triggers to your ad via storytelling through certain words, ask them questions just to get them thinking a little bit. You also want to add some eye catching images. So something that’s bright, something that really reflects the services that you’re offering and even play around with the video as well. Video has been growing every single quarter with Facebook, so it tests the video. Um, that’s something that really resonates with people on Facebook. The last thing is test out emojis. Everyone uses emojis these days. It’s not just the young people, everyone is sending out smiley faces, hearts, so on and so forth.

So emojis generally get people to look at your ad and click on it. So use emojis in your Facebook ads if they make sense. The next part of the Facebook ad campaign would be the landing page. Now, like I said earlier, the landing page is essentially a one page website and it’s essentially information that you have on your service and also information about you and your office.

So some elements that you must have on your landing page are listed here:

So you want to make sure you have a clear logo, make sure it’s not pixilated, make sure it’s not draining. It should be clear and easy to read.

  • You also want an emotional headline and a catchy sub headline, so again, this is where you are pulling on people’s emotions.
  • You want to ask some questions, bring up some issues that they are facing and you want it to incorporate the solution for their problems, so if if people are having issues with dentures, if they are ill fitting, if they don’t fit properly, you want to provide a solution and that’s the all-on-fours or the dental implants.
  • You also want to include a bright Call-to-Action. Now, the call to action is essentially what you want people to do when they are on the landing page, so generally it’s either to have them click on a link to fill out a form to call you a so on and so forth. So you want the call to action to be bright and you want it to be very easily seen on your landing page.
  • Lastly, we want to make sure you don’t have any links, so no links pointing to your website or social media or any other website that’s on the web. You want people to stay on your landing page and you only want them to click the call to action button. Now, when they click on the call to action button, it’s connected to a contact form. Now again, this is probably the most important part of the sales funnel.

What to ask in your contact form:

You want to ask them for their first name, their last name, their email, and their cell phone number so that you have this information to use when you call them to book their appointment.

Facebook Ad Targeting for your local business

Now you may be asking, this is great, but are the right people even going to see my ads?

And the answer to that is yes. A 100% yes, because Facebook is a treasure trove of various demographics of people who use them, who use the platform. So you can target any type of people here.

Best Facebook Ad targeting options:

So these are the best targeting options that you should use when you are building out Facebook advertising campaigns. So you want to target eight to 10 miles from office. So if you are in Chicago, for example, you want to make sure you are targeting eight to 10 miles from your office. You also want to narrow down the age range, so this really depends on what service you are offering.

The #1 advertising tip: AUDIENCE TARGETING!

So if you are offering a implant, you want to target people who are 40 and up because with implants, as you know, a general generally skew towards the, you know, the older, the older age, so 40 is an ideal number, you want to pick a gender and you also want to include detailed targeting if needed. So if you are advertising for veneers, you want to include a detailed targeting for people who are interested in straight straight teeth, that Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry, anything like that, that is irrelevant to your, to whatever treatment you’re offering, you want to include that detail targeting on there.

Now, once you have the targeting new place, what about the budget? So let’s compare this with, with a traditional marketing avenue that’s. Let’s look at billboards for example. So I found this pretty cool, funny out of the ordinary billboard that I am sure they design it this way with um, you know, with the Zombie guy here, very catches the eye of the success of this is on a, on a side of a highway. So it’s very eye catching. There are a couple of things that can be improved. So this website here, and it’s very hard to read when someone is driving down the highway, no one is going to look at this. Another thing is a phone number. It’s so close to the, to the logo here. When someone is driving 75 miles on the highway, no one is going to look at the website or the phone number.

If people were to actually look at this, they probably would be in a ditch somewhere crashed, right?

Because no one’s gonna look at this.

And it’s expensive.

So I pulled up three cities in the, in the country. So how much do they cost? How much are these billboards cost in Boston? You could be expected to pay upwards to $23,000 per month in San Diego up to $15,000 in Milwaukee up to $4,000 every single month to have these billboards in place. Now this isn’t a digital format such as Facebook, so you are targeting everyone under the sun. So if this is on the highway, you are targeting. You know, if you are running a billboard for implants, you are targeting five-year-olds, you’re targeting 20 year olds, you’re targeting 80 year olds. You’re targeting people who are probably not even living in the state or even the city that your office is in, right?

Because they’re on the highway, they’re probably going somewhere that is in that location. So it’s not targeted and it is not measurable. You don’t know how many people are looking at this and you don’t know how many patients are coming from this billboard. Now let’s compare the costs of Facebook. So when we run our campaigns, we generally see $13 per lead. Now what does that mean? That means it costs about 13 to $15 to have one appointment request. So if you were to invest, say 1000 bucks per month on your advertising, that would bring you at least 30 patient requests every single month. Now you compare this to billboards. It’s almost 30,000 per month for a billboard. But if you have a Facebook campaign that’s extremely targeted, you can get 30 appointment request every single month. So it’s extremely cheap versus traditional marketing channels. Now, Facebook, aside from the $12 and eighty eight cents cost per lead, Facebook is, is a beast.

Is facebook good for business advertising?

It’s growing every single quarter — yes!

It has experienced explosive growth. The monthly average users crossed 2 billion at the end of 2017. So that’s about 50 percent of Internet users. So almost half of everyone who uses the Internet is on Facebook. And that’s even more in the United States. Everyone who uses the Internet is on Facebook, believe it or not. So if everyone is on Facebook, you want to make sure you are on Facebook as well. So you are the one percent watching this video that understands the power of Facebook. If you are watching this this far into the video. So I congratulate you in understanding the importance of digital marketing, social media marketing.

I know I went through a lot today. If you have any questions, if you want to pick my brain a little bit, feel free to contact me. Feel free to leave a comment on this video. I’d be very happy to help you out and put you on the right track to success.