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Why Running a Branded Campaign Makes for a Winning PPC Strategy

by Jan 14, 2017Paid Search

A branded campaign shows ads in the Google search results when people search for the name of your company. If someone searches for your brand name (or a close variant) your ad will show up for that term. Because of the searcher intent that is driven by these brand searches, its critical that your own ad is front and center.

Benefits of having a branded campaign

I have listed four benefits to having a brand campaign for your PPC campaign. I’m sure there are other benefits, so please leave a comment below if you would like to join in on the conversation.If you are running #PaidSearch ads, there is one campaign you must also run every single time: a branded campaign Click To Tweet

You own the top search result

Your ad will always show up as the #1 search result when someone searches for your business. This is beneficial to you, because you own how that search result looks like. You can change or edit it at any time. If there is seasonality in your industry, you can change up the messaging to reflect the season you are in. If you are running promotions, you can advertise those, as well.

You can get more conversions

You can link your ad to a dedicated landing page so that searchers who click on it will be sent to it. Generally, landing pages are designed to make visitors take a specific action. You will see a higher uptick in conversions if you send them to a landing page vs. sending them to the homepage or another page that is showing up in the organic results.

You can speak to your customers directly over the phone

Use call extensions to make it easy for people to call you directly from their mobile device. This feature from Adwords allows you to add a click-to-call button on your ad. If you make it easy for searchers to speak to someone directly, you have a better opportunity to learn about them an get their business.

You will save money

When running a brand campaign, you will notice that it will be your most inexpensive, because the cost-per-click (CPC) will be low. Since you own the term (it’s your company’s name), you do not pay much to bid for that keyword. If competitors bid for your branded terms (also called conquesting), they will pay more, because the quality score is higher for you than it is for them. Plus, you will always be in a higher position, because of your higher quality score.

Now that you have a solid grasp of why businesses should be running brand campaigns, go ahead and start building your campaign out!